I am the Book Buyer for the Royal Museums Greenwich, so spend a lot of my time wading through the depths of maritime history, the history of trade and empire, as well as the history of the universe, astronomical discoveries, space exploration and physics.

Books always tell as big a story off the page as they do on it, about the mood of an era or generation, the comings and goings of a political power or teenage fad. I love spending my time talking to people about boats and space, but above all I love spending my time talking about books (or really just talking…)

My buttons are easy to push, so instead of bending the ears of anyone in my vicinity about the latest event to rile me, I will do it here. And I’d like to focus on books.

All opinions are my own.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. How do I follow your blog? I am in US, over sixty and a reader. love the pics of your or someone’s place. reminds me of my reading room up stairs. Who am I kidding? The whole house looks almost like
    the picture…. neatness and art surrounded by piles of books, read and to be read. It is ME!
    Frances in Maryland, USA

    • Hi Frances,
      Thanks so much for your interest in my blog! All of the photos of the books and the banner image are taken in my little flat in London. It’s a very wonky, crumbly little place, but very sweet all the same – I love the sound of you being surrounded by piles of books too! If you mean the background image, that’s actually a photograph by Tim Walker (http://timwalkerphotography.com/archive), one of my favourite artists. I have now updated the home page, so if you’d like to follow the blog then just click on ‘follow’, and I usually tweet each new post – my handle is @katelongman.


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